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Blunt Expressions : Island Zen Poetry Collection

Check out my new book ‘Blunt Expressions’ now on Amazon. A world of poetry comes alive through each verse.

Blunt Expression by Damani Gow - Author
Damani - The Author

The Author Behind It All

I am Damani Gow, the man behind the poetry and photography of this literary blog – DamaniGoWrites. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

My journey has taken me far and wide with much of my path spent traveling between the Cayman Islands and the US of A, which has impacted the molding of my identity and interests today

Damani Gow, Author
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

Published Poetry Series

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Explore my best works right here. 

Living life in abundance is a joy of mine, with writing and photography as my rites of self-expression. I am a contemporary poet from the tropics, and I do hope that you find value in my literary works herein.

What Readers Are Saying

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Fresh Perspective

Amazon review on Blunt Expressions

Damani’s poetry is a true inspiration to me and many others. He speaks depth through his words with experiences and feelings some can relate to on many levels. 

Best Poet Ever!

Review on Poetry

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Upcoming Book

There are so many things I want to put in this book as I continue to share some of my best work in poetry. 

With this upcoming book, I hope to express myself through this literary art form and shed light on the wonders of words and the rhythmical composition that comes through it. 

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