It was the day after the storm
and I was swamped,
not due to the storm
but rather, my lack of preparation.
I dug deep and the answers to my questions
presented themselves,
like the natives of the forest
who showed their shrewd faces.

Healing and growth are evident, out there,
where the wild things.
We will flourish like the ones before us,
who grew through barren circumstances.
It may seem like the progression is slower,
but it is all the same.
History is repetitive,
much like all the unabsorbed lessons of life;
it reoccurs in time until knowledge is grasped
and wisdom attained.

Some things cannot be sought,
it can only be received…
The wait may seem forever with much thought,
but it arrives in no time with a little patience.
You see,
the doors of perception are opened
to the ones who become and remain aware.

Kingston, Jamaica

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