Sailing on high tides of uncertainty,
I watch as my body follows the command
of its cravings and urges,
ignoring the plans imaginatively set in stone.
Like believing an illusion, I play the fool.

Consciously, valuable lessons are learnt
from the mistakes I have made, unconsciously.
I gaze into the metaphysical cauldron,
trying to find certainty in my life then I look within,
realizing that the only real certainty is right now.
Presently here, that is where I need to be.
The past is the teacher, practicing disciplinary action,
and the future is not real…

Yet I blazed through my youthful days
dreaming, in fields of green, of a future
where all my plans were laid out
on a pristine beach and made into reality.
The unexpected happens in an instant,
and fortunes can go either way:
Pleasurable or painful,
radiant or raunchy,
favorable or foul.

Uncertainty is a play – not only on words,
but also on the character.
The main role is the action taken,
the theme is the mindfulness
of the equal reaction of the protagonist
while on the stage of life,
before curtain call.

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