Like a bird uncaged,
Set Me Free.
Like a school that is out for the summer,
Set Me Free.

It is time to be unleashed,
freed from captivity.
The work has already been doneā€¦
and I have prayed and pleaded with the universe.
I am looking for things to turn around.
This time around, for the better.

I am ready for the next best thing.
Exaltation is not what I seek,
a release is what I need.
To be free, is to truly be me.
The first of my name
and the last of a dying breed.
The future is now,
and now is the time to set me free.

My routine yearns to be redefined,
my dreams have been refined,
I have drawn the line.
Mentally, my voyage has begun
and I am already there.
Waiting for these positively charged changes
to be reflected in reality,
and this shall…
Set me free.

Northside, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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