Grooves, Zones and Destiny

Tantalizing is her aura as she rocks my world,
each time we embrace
all feels aligned and meant to be.
This is another beautiful scene from my story,
which is a movie, largely unwatched
yet gives way to high ratings, in my psyche.

Jah is my guide and always will be,
and each step is blessed from above.
I walk and speak with my maker
and glance into the past for lessons
and to the future I look with hope.
Presently, my fate is accepted
as I strive, survive, and cope.

Flourishing is inevitable
as I paint my own picture.
Each stroke is a moment of time
in my life, revealed.
I create my destiny with every choice I make
and with every thought released into the ether.
All will be well, and so, it shall be
for I am blessed and uniquely tailored for success.

Annotto Bay, Saint Mary, Jamaica

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