This One’s for the Both of Us

I don’t want to say what I know
but I don’t know much.
This feeling I have, I know, its way passed a crush.
When the waves crashes on the shoreline,
my heart beats and I think of you.
Love is blind so I close my eyes,
and it’s you I find.
Let’s live and never die.

Miles apart but you are my solace
Maybe we were meant to be as one
Together against the world
Against the odds, like the few before us
I walk this path unable to fully explain
what the years before have taught me.
Vibrations are where the truths lie
as one energy is exposed to another
the connection can feel unreal
but the reality is existential.

Time flies, as the connection builds over time
like the moon and the ocean,
this romance will last
and surpass the elements and simple logic of time.
I want a higher level of consciousness
for the both of us;
a house morphed into a home, in the sky.
Let’s get high, and never look back.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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