Tied up in your thoughts,
wrapped up in my yearnings.
I seek that which satisfies my urges,
and I find that which leads to my commitment.

I want your mind in my palm of my hand,
fill my world with your beauty
in all its entirety.
Making wishes that rise like smoke
and drifts off into space,
Passing stars and skipping on asteroids on a belt.

The soothing heat of your body keeps me warm at night.
Your fingers caress my head and I am elated
to the point where words of truth explodes
into sensual sounds, to fill your ear.
Pink blushes appear on your cheeks as I speak seductively,
while gazing into your soul, through eyes I adore.
You possess lips that open without my command
and I have no objection to your spontaneous plan.

I crave your presence
and long for your touch.
I could sleep happily in your bosom
And rest in peace from your kiss.

Hmm… Sweet plot twist.

Kingston, Jamaica

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