The Treble

Living my life in threes through the experiences in scenes I have seen, and this has inspired my dream to be a writer that fills leaves with trees; like books with pages of words beyond fine, perfectly timed, occasionally rhymed and always refined. Sublime are the thoughts that float around in my head, like the …

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Introduce me to your deepest thoughts, so that I may embrace your wildest dreams and caress the innards of your mind. Through this newly found familiarity, let us seek to reach the peak of our intellectual capacities and reproduce ideas that change our world for the better. Let’s have a climatic merge that results in …

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It was the day after the storm and I was swamped, not due to the storm but rather, my lack of preparation. I dug deep and the answers to my questions presented themselves, like the natives of the forest who showed their shrewd faces. Healing and growth are evident, out there, where the wild things. …

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Delay, delay, delay… Life is a play, and all we do is delay in order to stray away from reality. We are mere actors on the stage of life, Each unexpected turn is morality being taught within this story. It’s only a matter of time ‘Til we meet our end Until then, Let’s delay one …

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From whence you came to change my life so drastically? Mystical is your origin, and encapsulating is your reach. I alone know your effects on me. At first, I doubted your power, over time, I am left flabbergasted by your limitless abilities. In this game of influence, you have won. If hate is the problem, …

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