Graciously One Wanders

I gravitate to the stronghold,
the foundation upon which my family name was born.
Graciously One Wanders.
A life of travel is in my destiny and with this life,
comes much knowledge and wisdom attained through experience.

I have awoken with a new state of mind.
Patience is a part of me,
and ignorance has fled the scene.
Such a relief to be of sound mind
and walking at a carefully selected pace.
No rush, no race, no ravenous motives I say.

Old souls vibe together
and the concentration of energy is great.
Appreciation is key as tomorrow is undetermined,
while today is good.
Nothing is truly mistaken,
for all that happens is meant to be.

Thank you dear Lord for understanding,
as what was once missing has been found.
I was once there and uneasy,
now I am presently here and this is acknowledged.
I am enlightened
and graciously wandering with a traveler’s insight.


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