A Contemporary Poet Writes

Why do I write poetry?

Quite simply, poetry motivates and inspires me to express myself creatively and artistically to the betterment of my entire being.

Poetry enables me to display my emotions, many of which are hidden deep within. The thoughts that were once held captive in my mind are released like creatures that have been caged in. These thoughts are then placed on paper – this platform, this blog and this space is like a field for these creatures of mine to roam free. For ease of access, I have created a website to share my free thoughts with the world – DamaniGoWrites.com

Here we are! Welcome! These poems are my literary children, and each one expresses itself uniquely. They will not mislead you nor deceive you for these poems were born to entertain and inspire. You shall remain free to believe and comment what you will. In retrospect, my mission is synonymous with a quote by the late great Jamaican revolutionary, Bob Marley, who said, “Live the life you love, and love the life you live”. Read a few posts from my anthology, become enlightened and I hope what you find here resonates with you.

In my own way, without delay, I say Free your mind, and Follow your heart for this shall lead you to your true purpose and your grandest dreams. My circumstances have taken me on the path of creative writing. I know not what I will accomplish but I do know, I shall enjoy this journey and all that I find to be beneficial to others will be shared. They say our destinies are written in the stars, and I believe it is my destiny to let my light shine through the words I employ. I will continue to embrace my individuality and find comfort, joy and solace through my love of poetry. I hope you do too.

Read on.

Hope Gardens, Jamaica

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